The Loquat Tree

Cover: Fig Loquat Orange

"Open the door and into the garden
I scan my tree for a ripe fig
twist it off and into my mouth
and I am ten years old again
This soft sweetness - so was his voice
calling me off the garage roof"

“Vivid and quietly compelling, Navlika Ramjee has a distinctive voice of her own. Not only are her richly introspective poems both lush and joyful as well as wry and haunting, they are also gently enlivening, as easy on the ear as on the eye.”

Bill Nasson, author and reviewer

“This collection introduces a strong but not strident voice. I found the book thoroughly compelling; exuberant, colourful and well handled. The world of Navlika’s childhood is so exquisitely evoked and I do love the way her girlhood friends skip and almost fly through the poems.”

Edward Clarke, author of A Book of Psalms (Paraclete Press, 2020)

“This is a sensuous, powerful anthology from a poet celebrating all of her heritage. These poems are meditative, lingering in the mind, inviting re-reading.”

Marion Dell, author of Virginia Woolf's Influential Forebears

The author, Navlika Ramjee

Photo by Robert Taylor

Navlika Ramjee

I am an Indian, African, British person who was born in the Great Karoo to a Gujarati family. I grew up in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa in the 1950’s and 60’s. Then I came to London, aged 20, to study and now live in Oxford.